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Alpha Omega Technologies provides custom software solutions to clients in wide-ranging industries – from energy, government and healthcare to manufacturing, finance, retail, transportation and more.

We focus in three key areas essential to success in today’s narrow-margin environment: Application Development, Enterprise Solutions and Cyber Solutions. Our cost-effective, high-performance solutions meet your unique needs today, and have the capacity to grow as your demands change. Because we cover the entire development lifecycle – from business analysis and architecture through programming, application integration, data migration, implementation and training, we’re truly a one-stop resource for innovative technology solutions.

Based on your unique infrastructure requirements, we can deliver solutions that run on your own in-house servers or secure, web-based applications that bring optimal functionality in an instant to every end user in your organization.

Unlike solutions companies with a narrow focus on one technology or industry, we have expertise in every major programming language and platform and are experienced in solving tough problems across industries. If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. At Alpha Omega Technologies, we see every challenge with fresh eyes and select the appropriate tools for optimal results.