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Database Management

From day-to-day operations to strategic decision making, data drives your business. Alpha Omega Technologies has the knowledge and expertise to create secure, high-performance database environments. Our custom database-development services support a wide variety of organizational and business applications. Our experienced developers build database-driven, smart-client desktop and web software using the latest tools and technologies.


Production database services. Alpha Omega Technologies will boost the efficiency, responsiveness and cost-effectiveness of your production infrastructure and operating-system environment. Our services include data modeling/design, normalization testing, installation and configuration, performance audits and tuning, patching, cloning, updates, upgrades, monitoring, data/application integration and migration, SQL tuning and end user/application developer support.

Upgrades. Our upgrade services move your data to the latest version of Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase or DB2 using a tested process we have used successfully in organizations of all sizes. Our approach migrates your data safely and minimizes the challenges of downtime, functional changes and compatibility.

Disaster readiness audits. Based on extensive experience in database recovery, we can help you identify weaknesses in your existing backup and recovery plans. We’ll analyze your current configurations and assumptions and provide recommendations to close critical gaps.

Backup and recovery. Based on how you use your databases today and may use them in the future, we’ll design and implement a customized, multi-tiered backup-and-recovery strategy. We’ll conduct rigorous failure and recovery testing to ensure that the plan we develop holds up under actual failure scenarios.


Decision-support systems. Your organization generates reams of data—but how easy are they to understand and use? Your success depends on turning data into information and insights that can power smart, timely strategic decisions. Alpha Omega Technologies delivers expert solutions that boost problem solving and increase organizational control.

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